Extremist Fighter against the Inquisition.


Dack is mostly known as the scourge of the Inquisition. for some months now he has been targeting the Inquisitive, trying to dismantle it.

One of the defining features of Dack is his face always be hidden. He’s utilizes magic to hide or manipulate his face so as to keep it hidden even in direct sunlight.

He stalks in the shadows laying in wait for the time to strike often times employing magic to make his enemies fear him. The stories of witnesses are astounding, A flash of black and glowing blue crackling and then smoke, it all happens in seconds.

However Dack has been sighted with weapons as he is a highly skilled sword and marksman. his sword is of elven background but modified in some way with magic to make it subtly glow blue and leak smoke, his preferred ranged weapon is a heavy crossbow for maximum range and stopping power.

Born and raised in the inhuman district all by himself. While he grew up he saw various injustices in his home district.


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