Duncan de Luca

The High Commander of the Legio Incipas.


A veteran of the last Ellimasian war, Duncan de Luca is an old tired soldier. He commands the now nearly defunct Legio Incipas: a job which most often consists of sitting through political meetings than any actual strategic thought. Still, Duncan is the best man for the position, and is well-liked by the people of Incipio.


Duncan joined the Incipian military at age eighteen, and fought in several battles during the Ellimasian war. He was promoted shortly after joining, commanding a small band of soldiers during the siege of La Dranta. On his return home, he was recognized for his service by the new King Cyro himself.

After years of service, and men slowly draining from the Legion’s ranks, Duncan eventually became the High Commander. As the King saw it, he was the only man fit for the job. Since then, he has given the King military counsel and advice. In addition, he has trained the princes in the art of war.

Duncan de Luca

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