Einvald Silverbeard

The crown treasurer and head of the commerce guild...


Einvald is the crown treasurer of Incipio, handling taxation and the allocation of the crown’s funds. Some have implied that his second job—running the commerce guild—is a conflict of interest, however no better man has been found for the job. He is a man of great intellect, and possesses a great understanding of people… and how money can control them.


Einvald was raised in the mountains to the north of Incipio, and eventually grew to resent the “traditional” dwarven lifestyle. He ran from home at thirty-five, leaving behind his wife and children. He started a new life in the Eternal City, working for banks and serving as a negotiator for several trade agreements between Incipio and Ellimas. He was hand-picked by the King to be the crown treasurer, a position which he graciously accepted. While he is known for his cold demeanor, the people of the Silver and Gold districts generally consider him a great man. The people of the poorer districts, however, do not see it that way.

Einvald Silverbeard

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