King Cyro Cadhriel

King of Incipio.


Cyro Cadhriel has ruled Incipio for 50 years, since the end of the Second Ellimasian War. He is a kind man, with an honest heart, and is a devoted believer of the Faith. He has been known for his firm but fair rule, which has only recently begun giving more sway to the Inquisition Allegiant.


Cyro was born to the previous king of Incipio, and his wife, an immigrant from Ellimas. As such, he grew up with an understanding of the wider world, and that Incipio could not stand on its own. In his late twenties he married Princess Alindar Faraan, a princess from the East of Incipio. They sired five sons: Alair, Felix, Janus, Rollo and Victor. Janus and Felix perished along with their mother in a shipwreck off the southern coast, leaving three heirs to the throne.

Years later, Cyro fell in love with an Elven lady named Lenai, and had one child out of wedlock: Nevira. Lenai, too, passed away from an unknown illness shortly after the princess’ birth.

Cyro’s reign has left him aged and tired, but wise and strong.

King Cyro Cadhriel

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