Prentiss Caralla

Grand Admiral of the Classis Incipas.


Prentiss was made Grand Admiral of the Incipian Navy only ten years ago, when she was but twenty-two. She was chosen for her brilliant mind and strategic prowess. She is known for her extravagance and showmanship: her ship, the Octavia, often keeps a full orchestra among its crew.


Raised in the Silver District, Prentiss had a difficult time becoming known for anything. However, as the daughter of a merchant captain, she had a natural affinity for the sea. She joined the Classis Incipas at just sixteen, and quickly climbed the ranks. When Victor Cadhriel—one of the princes of Incipio—took notice of her exploits, she was promoted almost immediately to the rank of Admiral. It took only the death of the previous Grand Admiral to allow Prentiss into the position.

Prentiss Caralla

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