Velland Loelnor

The Lord Inquisitor.


Velland Loelnor has been the Lord Inquisitor for some 45 years. Though he is young for an elf, Velland is a man of fierce intellect and capable leadership. His overzealous use of violence and torture has raised questions as of late, and has led to a rift between the Inquisition and the Faith Allegiant.

He keeps himself well kept and well dressed, as he believes that any leader should make himself an example to those that follow him. He has a well-known distaste for inhuman species, and a distrust of the Scholate Arcaenum.


Velland was raised in the Eternal City, the child of High Elven nobles. His parents were killed when he was but fourteen, by a hand of the Whisperers. He joined the Inquisition shortly after, and rose quickly through the ranks for his lack of hesitation and fierce devotion.

Velland Loelnor

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