The Eternal City

As old as time itself…

The Eternal City—heart of Incipio—has stood for well over 10,000 years. Mountains have shifted, empires have risen and fallen—but the Eternal City has remained.

The city itself sits atop a coastal mesa. Large cliffs provide natural fortification, as any attackers—from land or sea—must scale the treacherous rocks. When not being attacked, however, the city has a series of large bridges that are lowered for travelers and merchant caravans to enter the city's three main gates. At the docks, a series of large cranes are used to raise the ships out of the sea so that their cargo might be unloaded. Mechanical elevators also dot the circumference of the city, used to raise and lower small cargo and groups of people. Additionally, the Legio Incipas (Legion, in common parlance) has its own large, fortified elevator for troop and cargo transport during times of war.


A common city street in the Eternal City.

As the seat of power in Incipio, the Eternal City has long been the epicenter of commerce, travel and diplomacy in Incipio. At her very center, the Court District houses embassies and administrative offices of nations the world over. Besides that, many other districts comprise the majority of the Eternal City: the Craftsman's District houses the majority of artisans and builders, the Trader's District plays host to merchants and peddlers both native and foreign, and the Holy District contains the High Cathedral of the Faith Allegiant, as well as the Inquisition's headquarters. Additionally, there are several residential districts: the Gold District, for the upper-class humans and near-humans, the Silver District, for middle-class humans and near-humans, and the Bronze District, a poor district for humans and near-humans. To the south of the city, the Inhuman district houses the orcs, half-orcs, goblins and kobolds of the city (and is also kept under close Legion watch.) Travelers often stay in the Gold or Silver districts, visiting the Holy, Craftsman's and Trader's districts by day. Diplomats are given temporary residences in the Court District, while merchants often find room and board in one of the many inns in the Trader's district (or simply sleeping in their caravans.)

The Eternal City

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